Finding a logo designs company in South Africa

You have now decided to hire a professional logo designer but in today’s time and age, with the flooded market on every forefront, it can be quite daunting finding a logo design company in South Africa that will give you the best service and design your money can buy.

Here are some things to measure the quality of the designer by:


1. Search Google

Firstly check the adverts.  A company willing to spend money on advertising will not be a fly-by-night.  We live in a digital age and most companies either have a website or at least a listing on a directory available.  Though we are not bound by area codes any more, it helps to find a company close by. 


2. Check the Portfolio

Have a look at the design portfolio on their website.  If there is no portfolio – steer clear.  You will get a good indication of the quality of design this company will offer you by having a look at previous work done.


3. Client Testimonials

While the portfolio should give you a good idea of the quality design you will receive from the chosen company, it is always nice to see some comments from clients.  Watch out for fake testimonials – no name, company details etc.  If the company has a facebook page, have a look there for reviews and star ratings from clients.


4. What questions are asked before the design process begins

Every designer worth his/her salt needs some in-depth information before they will start on a logo design.  There is no way to create a relevant logo that works without information on the company, for eg. Services offered, what sets the business apart, some colour indications etc.


5. Communication with the client

How does the company communicate?  Is there an address, telephone number, email address available?  Stay away from companies that don’t offer extensive contact information.  Does the company take long to respond to enquiries, or to send through quotations or information?  This will also give you an indication of reliability in terms of first draft expectation and response time on changes.


6. Design process and formats

It is very rare that a first draft will be the final product.  How many options are initially designed? Does the company offer you a number of revisions on the chosen logo?  You will need the logo in different formats for different uses like printing, websites etc.  Does the company offer you these formats or will you be stuck with


7. Time-frame

As discussed previously, a quality logo design takes time.  Companies promising a logo within 24 hours will not be able to give you a design worthy of your business.  In my opinion, a quality design will take up to 3 days.


To summarise, when searching for a reliable logo designer in South Africa, be sure to have all the facts before any money exchanges hands.  Finding a logo design company in South Africa that will offer you great service and a quality logo design is not impossible, but if you are not careful you might lose time and money.